Clark Beim-Esche

Author, Speaker

Calling on the Presidents: Tales Their Houses Tell

By Clark Beim-Esche

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Clark Beim-Esche (Calling on the Presidents)
Enjoy visits to the presidential homes and sites associated with every one of our past American presidents.  Each house is unique and each has illuminating tales to tell about the men who lived in them.

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George Washington's Mount Vernon
 in Virginia

William Henry Harrison's Home
in Vincennes, Indiana

Millard Fillmore's Home
in East Aurora, New York

Meet Clark and Carol

Clark Beim-Esche, a long-time teacher and speaker, invites his readers to join him and his wife, Carol, as they go Calling on the Presidents. 

Ronald Reagan's Ranch
near Santa Barbara, California

U.S. Grant's Boyhood Home
in Georgetown, Ohio

Lincoln's Birthplace Cabin
in Hodgenville, Kentucky

Photo Credits: Clark Beim-Esche