Clark Beim-Esche

Author, Speaker

Calling on the Presidents: Tales Their Houses Tell

By Clark Beim-Esche




  1. Prologue
  2. Introduction
  3. George Washington: The President in Absentia
  4. John Adams and John Quincy Adams:  Like Father, Like Son
  5. Thomas Jefferson:  “…a work of art.”
  6. James Madison:  “Nothing more than a change of mind"
  7. James Monroe:  “…getting things done.”
  8. Andrew Jackson:  “Old Hickory” down Rachel’s Lane                                                                                                  
  9. Martin Van Buren:  Winning
  10. William Henry Harrison:  No “LOG CABIN”; no “HARD CIDER” 
  11. John Tyler:  A Party without a President    
  12. James K. Polk:  “Who is James K. Polk?”
  13. Zachary Taylor:  “…devoted to the Union…”
  14. Millard Fillmore:  “Now you see him…now you…”
  15. Franklin Pierce:  “…young for the station…”
  16. James Buchanan:  The Fruits of Compromise
  17. Abraham Lincoln:  Lenses
  18. Andrew Johnson:  “Grounded”
  19. Ulysses S. Grant:  “… a dream remembered”
  20. Rutherford B. Hayes:  The Foundation of Prosperity
  21. James A. Garfield:  “…love’s labor…”
  22. Chester A. Arthur:  “I do, I will.”
  23. Grover Cleveland:  “… all that a president ought to be.”                                                                                            
  24. Benjamin Harrison:  “I Pledge Allegiance …”
  25. William McKinley:  “Remember the Ladies”
  26. Theodore Roosevelt:  “Do you remember the fun of him?”
  27. William Howard Taft:  His Home, My Home
  28. Woodrow Wilson:  “… a dream life.”
  29. William G. Harding:  “Normalcy”  on Display
  30. Calvin Coolidge:  Keeping Store
  31. Herbert Hoover:  “Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.”
  32. Franklin D. Roosevelt:  “Savior, Caesar
  33. Harry S   Truman:  The Myth of the “Retired Farmer”
  34. Dwight Eisenhower:  “…the nation…not myself”
  35. John F. Kennedy:  Roseland
  36. Lyndon Baines Johnson:  Plateau Live Oak
  37. Richard M. Nixon:  “Not because they wished it…”
  38. Gerald Ford:  “Junior”
  39. Jimmy Carter:  The Sweater President
  40. Ronald Reagan:  “We Win. They Lose.” 
  41. Postscript:  “…the other lady in my life…”
  42. Afterword
  43. List of United States Presidents
  44. Presidential Homes, Libraries, and Sites We Have Visited
  45. A Very Select Bibliography
  46. INDEX
  47. About the Author