Clark Beim-Esche

Author, Speaker

Calling on the Presidents: Tales Their Houses Tell  by Clark Beim-Esche - Autographed Print Books and Audio books (read by the author) are available from the author.  See Book and Audiobook Prices.

Calling on the Presidents: Tales Their Houses Tell  by Clark Beim-Esche - Print Books and Ebooks Available at Marketplace

Calling on the Presidents: Tales Their Houses Tell by Clark Beim-Esche can also be found for sale in the following Presidential  Home Gift Shops:
  • Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest in Poplar Forest, Virginia
  • Andrew Jackson's Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee
  • William Henry Harrison's Grouseland in Vincennes, Indiana
  • Millard Fillmore's Home in East Aurora, New York
  • Franklin Pierce's Homestead in Hillborough, New Hampshire
  • James Buchanan's Wheatland in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Ulysses S. Grant's Birthhome in Point Pleasant, Ohio
  • Ulysses S. Grant's Boyhood Home in Georgetown, Ohio
  • Rutherford Hayes' Spiegel Grove in Fremont, Ohio
  • William Howard Taft's National Historic Site in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Calvin Coolidge's Home in Plymouth, Vermont
  • Herbert Hoover National Historic Site in West Branch, Iowa
  • Harry S. Truman's Birthhome in Lamar, Missouri
  • Harry S. Truman's Home in Independence, Missouri (NPS)
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower's Birthhome in Denton, Texas
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower's Presidential Library and Museum in Abilene, Kansas
  • Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in Plains, Georgia
  • Ronald Reagan's Boyhood home in Dixon, Illinois
  • The Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California
  • George W. Bush's Boyhood Home in Midland, Texas

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